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Examination regulations - This page is still under construction

What do I have to consider when registering for an exam?

What do I have to consider when registering for an exam? Examination file: Before an examination can be registered, an examination file must be created at the examination office (Prüfungsamt). This must be done at least four (4) weeks before the exam. A copy of the school leaving certificate (certified or copy and original for comparison) and a passport photo must be presented. For students in the old diploma programme, the master data sheets (Stammdatenblätter) of the previous and current semesters must also be submitted.
Course slip (Laufzettel): If the examination file is created, each examination must be registered at the examination office (Prüfungsamt) at least two (2) weeks before the examination date. All certificates required for the examination must be submitted. tudents in the old diploma program must also submit all master data sheets (Stammdatenblätter) since the examination file was created. The exam date must have been confirmed by the examiner on the course slip. The course slip must also be handed in at least two weeks before the exam at the examination office.
Withdrawal from the exam: You can withdraw from an exam at least two weeks before the exam. Withdrawal within the last two weeks before the examination is only possible in serious cases.

What kind of exams are there?

In the Diploma programme there is usually only an oral examination. The only exceptions are subsidiary subjects. In materials science (Werkstoffkunde) and electrical engineering (Elektrotechnik), for example, written examinations are offered. These must then also be registered with the examination office.

In the Bachelor's programme, the type of examination depends on the lecturer. As a rule, module G1 is examined in writing in the first semester and the modules of the higher semesters are examined orally. Subsidiary subjects can deviate here again. Please pay special attention to the lecturers' announcements regarding the type of examination for each module. Normal "Schein-Klausuren" (examination certificate), which are only valid for admission to examinations, do not have to be registered with the examination office. If you are not sure whether a registration at the examination office is necessary, please ask!

Which examination office is responsible for me?

The examination office in the Dean's office corridor (3rd floor) in building 46 room 355 is still responsible for students of the old Diploma programme. Opening hours are Tuesdays to Fridays from 09:45 to 11:45 and Mondays and Wednesdays from 14:00 to 16:00. Examination documents must not be deposited in the mailbox, but must be handed in personally at the examination office. The central examination office in building 47 (tower) is responsible for students in the new Diploma Programme and Bachelor of Physics.

Where can I find the forms for registration/deregistration?

The forms are available from the University Administration.

What do I need the master data sheet (Stammdatenblatt) for, where can I find it?

With the introduction of the multifunction chip card, master data sheets will no longer be sent. However, students of the old Diploma programme still have to present these at the examination office in building 46 (preferably simply all master data sheets). Master data sheets and study certificates (Studienbescheinigungen) can be downloaded internally at

Can I change my degree programme internally?

Students in the old Diplom degree course in physics can only change to the Bachelor's degree course in physics with a justification (e.g. to complete a Master's degree in another subject area such as medical physics after the Bachelor's degree course). It is possible to switch from the new Diploma programme to the Bachelor programme or vice versa at any time. The approval of examinations / modules that have already been passed must be applied for beforehand at the examination board (Prüfungsausschuss). An interview with the chairman of the examination board / the student members in advance is strongly recommended!

I have further questions, where can I turn?

Questions can be discussed with the student representatives of DPA (Diploma Examination Board), FPA (Diploma Examination Board) and FBR (Department Council).