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If you have any questions, the Kasse-Unit is at your disposal:


You like our work and you would like to buy some of our merchandise? Then don't look further. Alongside our longtime available merchandise like t-shirts, bags and a skat-like card game we now have a greater varietie of things you can buy from us. Down below you will find a list of buyable items.

  • t-shirts in different sizes with our logo
  • bags with our logo
  • card-game
  • metallic ball pens with our logo
  • postcard with our mascot
  • magnets with our logo
  • stickers with our logo
  • cups with our logo

Occasionally we will order some other textiles if demanded. This will include shirts and sweaters. Keep an eye out! Usually we will send an email via fsinfo.

How do I purchase your merchandise?

Small items like ball pens are available in our "Fachschaftsraum" i.e. room 46/352 for you to buy by your own.

All other items must be purchased directly from our "Kassenreferenten" i.e the people in the right colum. You can contact us by clicking "Kasse-Unit" or our names individually.


Down below are some impressions of our merandise.

pen cup
picture pen picture cup
sticker magnet
picture sticker picture magnet
postcard tie
Bild Postkarte Bild Krawatte


By the way: You can purchase office supplies like glue sticks and ball pens without a logo in the "Fachschaftsraum" (46/352). We also provide a binding maschine for you to use.