Stuff to borrow

you don't have the right lighting for your next barbecue or the tools to build your new bed? Then maybe we can help you. Since we as a student council have a good contingent of material, we are happy to lend it to students, student councils, university groups, etc.. So if you are interested, just drop by the student council or send us an e-mail

Among other things you can get with us:

  • Various tools: gloves, screwdrivers, pliers, cordless screwdrivers, bit sets and much more...
  • Mugs in different sizes (0.4l, 0.5l & wheat) and different glasses (sparkling wine, wine, soft drink...) and thermo mugs.
  • Other containers like: measuring cups, buckets, tubs
  • Electronics like: Extension cables & multiple plugs, construction spotlights, light chains & light hoses, LED light bulbs...
  • Things to cook: Induction hotplates, pots, knives, grater, pan, bowls, thermos flasks...
  • For small events we still have: bar tables, swivel grill with grill tray, refrigerators & if necessary a freezer chest, sack truck, games, thermophores, bottle opener & corkscrew.
  • For cleaning, we also lend: brooms and dustpans, a Kärcher
  • Interesting for parties at university: PVC floors for the wardrobe & molleton covers
  • Otherwise, we've got supplies: Acrylic paints, cable ties, armoured tabs, plastic cutlery & paper plates, soap & washing-up liquid
  • ...

If you didn't find what you're looking for, come by anyway, maybe we can help you by knowing someone who has something like this.