Bachelor/Master Biophysik


The bachelor/master biophysics study course is a German-language study course.

What is biophysics?

Biophysics is an interdisciplinary study program of the faculties of biology, chemistry and physics. Biophysics is a science in which the methods and theories of physic is used to solve problems and questions of the chemistry and biology. Former times research of biophysics was primarily conducted by post-doctoral physics. Nowadays you can find graduate programs at the RPTU in Kaiserslautern and other universities which approach interdisciplinary topics.

How long does the study program at the RPTU in Kaiserslautern take?

For the bachelor’s degree it takes in general 6 semesters, so 3 years. The Master program is an additional 4 semesters, or 2 years. In general, you can get your degree within the standard period of study.

I didn’t have any courses in biology/chemistry/physics for my A-levels. Can I still study Biophysics?

Even if you didn’t have some of this subjects for your A-levels you can still study biophysics. The biggest advantage is if you had physics at A level. Because in the physics lectures you need the basic understanding of physics. Most students couldn’t apply for each science at school but through repetition you can make up for it which can occupy a little bit more of your time. Most important is an interest of the corresponding natural sciences.

How important is math?

Mathematics is the basic of physics, so a general understanding of the structure is useful. It is recommended to take part in the Mathe-Vorkurs and to use the book (H.J. Korsch: Mathematik-Vorkurs; Binomi Verlag; ISBN: 3-923923-62-7).

Why biophysics in Kaiserslautern?

The University of Kaiserslautern was one of the first universities to introduce a biophysics course in 2002. For Kaiserslautern speaks the small university, in which can be studied in an almost close atmosphere with students and professors. At other universities, the Biophysics program is affiliated to the Department of Biology, in Kaiserslautern to the Department of Physics. The focus is therefore different. Other universities offer in part only a master with focus biophysics, in Kaiserslautern you can drive right from the start of three-track and study biophysics.

When can I start the biophysics program?

The official start of the biophysics program is the winter semester. There doesn’t exist an study NC for this study program.

Where can I find more informations?

At the following pages:

- Bachelor of Biophysics

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