Box of Sorrow

This is the box of sorrow of the Faculty Council of Physics. In conversation with the Department of Physics, we have set up this service as an extension of the lecture survey for you to forward problems in lectures and exercises directly. This box of sorrow should give the opportunity to express constructive criticism of the lectures in the Department of Physics during the semester. The information entered in this form will be forwarded to the "caretaker" of the Faculty Council of Physics (also students). Which will forward the criticism to the lecturer/ instructors / etc. and mediate with them about possibilities for improvements of the course.

It is up to you to fill in the personal information in this form. Of course, your data will be treated anonymously and will not be shared. However, it is advantageous to fill in the free fields, so that we can contact for any inquiries. For all problems you can of course consult us directly in the Fachschaftsraum (46-352).

Finally, we ask you to send only serious and constructive criticism to the box of sorrow. Only by describing your problems truthfully and accurately can we help you and maintain the credibility of this service.

Nachricht an die Kummerkasten-Betreuer

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