Nikofete 07.12.2023


Like always we are very thankfull for everyone who wants to participate as a helper at the Nikofete at different places like the entry or at the bar. If you help us you will get free entry and 5 coupons for free drinks for the first shift, then 3 additional coupons for the second shift and a invite to our dinner for volunteers and for the third shift you get a T-Shirt . There will be some lists in building 46 a few weeks before the Nikofete where you can register yourself for you prefered shift.


There will be 621 tickets sold at the entry.

The ticket price is 15€, including 10€ offree drinking.

Plakat der Nikofete: ab 21 Uhr


We will have to dance floors. On one of them will a DJ for you and on the other one we will have two livebands.

Logo: DJ MaxxLogo: PyrotikLogo: ContrastLogo: FadeOut

Food and Drinks

Prices from 2022!


Bitburger 3,00€ 0,4l
Colabeer 3,00€ 0,4l
Radler 3,00€ 0,4l
Bitburger 0,0% 2,00€ 0,33l
Softdrinks 2,50€ 0,4l
Water 0,50€ 0,4l


Tequila Sunrise 4,00€ 0,3l Tequila, Orange Juice, Citrus Juice, Grenadine Sirup
Flix 4,00€ 0,3l Wodka, Peach Liqueur, Maracuja Juice, Grenadine Sirup, Citrus Juice
The Grinch (alcohol free) 3,50€ 0,3l Citrus Juice, Orange Juice, Maracuja Juice, Blue Curacao


Wodka Energy 3,50€ 0,3l
Wodka Lemon 3,50€ 0,3l
Rum Cola 3,50€ 0,3l
Gin Lemon 3,50€ 0,3l


Berliner Luft 1,50€ 2cl
Ficken 1,50€ 2cl
Jägermeister 1,50€ 2cl
Sierra Tequila 1,50€ 2cl Silver or Gold
Vodka Ahoj 1,50€ 2cl Vodka with fizz
Wet Pussy Shot 1,50€ 2cl Peach schnapps, Cranberry Juice, Vodka, Lime
Beam me up Scotty 1,50€ 2cl Kahlúa, Baileys and Whiskey
Pfeffimeister 1,50€ 2cl Berliner Lutf, Jägermeister
8 Shots 10€ je 2cl
Shot wheel 10€


Riesling (dry) 4,00€ 0,3l
Riesling (half-dry) 4,00€ 0,3l
Portugieser Weißherbst (rosé) 4,00€ 0,3l
Dornfelder Rotwein 4,00€ 0,3l
Schorle (sweet or sour) 3,50€ 0,3l 4,50€ 0,5l
Persching 3,50€ 0,3l 4,50€ 0,5l
Cola-Rot 3,50€ 0,3l 4,50€ 0,5l
Sparkling Water 0,50€ 0,3l
Coca Cola 2,00€ 0,3l
Fanta 2,00€ 0,3l
Lemonade 2,00€ 0,3l

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine 1,50€
Mulled Wine (alcohol free) 1,50€
+Santahat +1,00€
+lacing (Strohrum) +0,50€
Ear Plugs 0,50€


If you are hungry, there will be the Boll-Burger for you to get something to eat.

AGB and Hausordnung

Our AGB and Hausordnung.