Info: Anyone who has attended the lecture series in WS2020 / 21 and has thus met the requirements for the lecture series via Zoom can now obtain their certificate from the deans Office ( or ) to the examination office (the documents are now available to the deans office). Documents from previous semesters should be sent to the deans office with your request.

Lecture Series

The Faculty of Physics offers every semester lectures where the academics present their Research Groups particularly with regard to subjects for the final exam.

To get a creditpoint, you need to visit 8 lectures and the participation on a field trip is required. To proof your participation you can get a document (at the Room of the Faculty Council of Physics (46-352) or in the deanary) which will be signed by the academic. If you have 8 signatures on your document, you give the list to the deanship where you get a confirmation of participation (with seal and signature). This confirmation has to be given to the examination department.

The lectures take place on thursdays from 17.15 to 18.45 o’clock in 46-270. Of course there will be coffee and cookies for all participants.

Events in WS 2023/24




09.11.23 JProf. Dr. Christina Jörg Optische Technologien und Photonik
16.11.23 Prof. Dr. Michael Fleischhauer Theoretische Quantenoptik
23.11.23 Prof. Dr. Mathias Weiler Angewandte Spinphänomene
30.11.23 Prof. Dr. Christiane Ziegler Physik und Biophysik komplexer Grenzflächen
07.12.23 PD. Dr. Ioachim Pupeza Optische Quantenmetrologie
14.12.23 PD. Dr. Axel Pelster Theoretische Quantenoptik / Grundlagen der Festkörper und Vielteilchensysteme
21.12.24 Prof. Dr. Volker Schünemann Biophysik und Medizinische Physik
04.01.24 n/a
11.01.24 Prof. Dr. Benjamin Stadtmüller Ultraschnelle Phänomene an Grenzflächen
18.01.24 Prof. Dr. Bärbel Rethfeld Ultrakurzzeitphysik laserangeregter Festkörper
25.01.24 Prof. Dr. Herwig Ott Ultrakalte Quantengase und Quantenatomoptik
01.02.24 Prof. Dr. James Anglin Grundlagen der Quantenphysik